Travel Apps Toolkit-The Ultimate Free Apps to Travel the World

Are you getting ready to travel soon? Spend more time enjoying your vacation and less time worrying about the logistics with this free travel apps. Exploring the world just got a lot easier with these 22 free travel apps that are Android and IOS compatible. Check the list to see which ones you need to add to your app toolkit. My all-time favorite traveling app is included at the end of this list, I hope you find it as useful as I do.

These free apps are essential tools to book a flight, book a hotel, keep track of travel arrangements, automatically create an easy to read itinerary; find your way around as you explore a destination, and find suggestions on top-rated activities near you. Apps that will help you plan ahead, save money, and give you access to your information off-line across different devices.

In a perfect world, we would be able to travel the globe and explore foreign countries stress-free, prepared with the tools to allow us to focus on the experiences and forget about everything else. Well, you know what they say: nowadays, there is an app for almost everything. This “App Toolkit” contains some of my favorite free apps; to help you plan, explore and communicate with the locals in your destination, and with your friends and family at home. Some of them even have a voice feature that lets you talk directly to your phone to get the information you need instantly.

If you are searching for the best free travel apps for Android or the best free travel apps compatible with IOS, we have you covered.

We start the list with the best free travel apps to stay connected while traveling:

WiFi Map

Free Travel Apps for wifi

How to avoid running out of data while traveling? Consider using the WifiMap a free app that makes it super easy to find free Wifi spots near you. Essential for staying connected with your friends and family while traveling an anywhere around the world. Eliminate the stress of dealing with international networks and service plans that can be unreliable and costly. Use this app to stay connected while traveling without breaking the bank. WiFi Map offers you GPS locations and log-in details to free Wifi networks near you. You can download the locations and log-in details to use offline. Amazing!


Free Travel Apps With WhatsApp, call your friends and family for free. Send photos, videos and voice messages instantly.

Would you like to call your friends and family for free while on vacation? The WhatsApp free app allows you to stay in touch, send messages, photos, and voice notes for free! You can even do voice and video calls using this app. All you need is a reliable WiFi connection. No need for that expensive international data package.

Then we move on to the free apps that help you plan your trip, find the lowest prices and save money and time when booking your flights and accommodations. I swear by them when booking my travel arrangement, and have found considerable savings when booking. See which one works best for you.

Free travel apps to help you plan your trip:


Free Travel Apps Hopper finds flights and hotels and uses historical data to let you know the best times to book.

Would you like to find out when to book a flight or hotel to get the best (lowest) prices? Then this free app is for you. Hopper predicts when prices will go up or down based on historical data. You can even get a notification when prices drop to the lowest price. It uses a massive database of airline and hotel prices; historical data and destination trends to predict when prices will be the highest and lowest. It helps you decide if you should book now or if you should wait to book on a future date when prices are predicted to be the lowest.


Free Travel Apps SkyscannerApp, book cheap flights, cars and hotels.

How to search thousands of sites using only one app to get the best rates for cars, flights, and hotels? Use the Skyscanner free app, it lets you search and book cheap flights, cars, and hotels. It eliminates looking through endless websites to find the best deals; so you can plan your next trip in no time. You can view the best dates to travel during a specific month– to see which days in that month have the lowest prices. Great those that have the flexibility with their travel dates.


Free Travel Apps Airbnb App, unique local accommodation options

Are you the adventurous type, that is open to experiencing unique local accommodation? Then you are in luck! The Airbnb free app allows you to search and book some of the most amazing homes, apartments, villas, private rooms and bungalows around the world. The appeal is that they look and feel authentically local, and give you a more in-depth experience of what it feels like to live in that destination. Airbnbs are some of the most amazing hidden gems a destination has to offer. Traveling around the world, I have found some Airbnbs that have had the best location, ambiance, and views to rival the most popular options in town. This is a great option for travelers seeking to trade the amenities of a hotel to gain features that are more important at a great value.

Free Travel Apps App, book cheap hotels with free cancellation.

How to book a hotel and get free cancellation in case your plans change? is a great resource, easy to use the free app to find a hotel or vacation rental. This app does all the work for you, it does all the searching and gives you a list of options based on your specifications. You can search by star rating, location, price, and read the reviews. You can book last minute or far in advance and most reservations have free cancellation. No booking or credit card fees. 

Hotel Tonight

Free Travel Apps book a hotel last minute

Do you need to book a hotel last minute and want the best rate? This free app is a great option to find and book a hotel last minute. You can search for last-minute discounts on top-rated hotels at your destination.

We continue to the best free apps for the easiest way to create a travel itinerary and keep all of your travel documents organized.

Free travel apps to create an Itinerary and Stay Organized:

Google Trips

Free Travel Apps google trips to keep all your travel documents and itinerary

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an app that automatically created an itinerary once you booked all your trip arrangements? Leave it to Google Trips to do all the work for you. This free app gathers all the travel information from your Gmail account and automatically creates an itinerary for you. How amazing is that? It even stores it and gives you access offline. Wait, there is more, it also gives you options for tours, guides, maps, restaurants, and points of interest near your hotel. It’s a combination of a travel guide that not only keeps track of your travel information but also gives you suggestions as you explore your destination.


Free Travel Apps instantly organize your travel plans

Would you like a free app that automatically creates an itinerary once you have booked all your trip arrangements? Sounds familiar? Tripit is similar to Google Trips. This free app helps you make sense of all of your travel information by creating an itinerant. It does all the work for you! Once you link your email, it searches through it to find your flight, hotel, car, restaurant and other reservations. It automatically builds an easy to access itinerary for you that is available off-line.

We move right along to the best free apps to help you navigate and find your way around while on vacation exploring a new destination.

Free travel apps to Navigate a new destination:

Rome 2 Rio

Free Travel Apps rome 2 rio to find the best choices to get from one place to another

Wondering what is the best mode of transportation to use to get to your next destination? The Rome2Rio free app is a reliable and quick way to find out the best way to get from point A to point B. It does all the work for you, it gives you a list of all the options available to make that journey: flights, trains, car, bus or boat. It will show you prices, schedules, distances and estimated time to complete the trip. You can then choose the option that best works for you.

Google Maps

Free Travel Apps google maps

I know, I know!! You already have this free app and know how it works. So you are a step ahead! Adding it just in case, and I have a story that hopefully will prevent something similar from happening to you. 

True story, this actually happen to me. I was living in Europe doing a study abroad and I decided to take a weekend trip to Paris; my first trip to Paris, there weren’t that many mobile apps available back then and I had to use an old school map to get around. Have you ever tried to find your way around in Paris? OMG, I got so lost on those windy narrow streets that looked like a never-ending maze. No, thanks! Trust Google Maps instead, to guide you and get you to the exact location if you are doing a walking tour or need public transportation options near you. Or if, like me, you don’t have a GPS-like sense of direction built-in. 


Free Travel Apps maps me

Do you like to explore the off the beaten path destinations? The Maps.Me free app is perfect for you. Maps.Me is extremely handy with offline downloadable maps that are constantly updated by users with the latest updates. Get turn-by-turn navigation to use when driving, walking or biking.


Free Travel Apps roadtrippers

Are you taking a road trip and want to plot your route all in one map? Use Roadtrippers free app to plot in your route and automatically create an itinerary. The app helps you find attractions and useful stops along the way.


Free Travel Apps FLIO

How to navigate an Airport and find your gate fast and easy, you ask? Leave it to FLIO to show you how. Use this free app to navigate airport terminals stress-free and get flight status updates. It has terminal maps, a boarding pass scanner, and a flight tracker. It also gives you booking options to get access to lounges.

Next, we focus on the best apps to find top-rated activities.

Free travel apps to Find Top-Rated Activities:


Free Travel Apps TripAdvisor

Do you like to check customer ratings before booking a hotel or restaurant? The TripAdvisor free app lets you know exactly what customers have to say and how they rate that business based on their experieence. You can search for hotels, restaurants and other attractions worldwide; filter your search by rating, price or food type. You can read reviews, view images, and video, find contact details, etc. 


Free Travel Apps Foursquare

Are you looking for entertainment options abroad? Foursquare is your guide to entertainment central, anywhere around the world. The free app shows you the best places to eat, drink and activity options at your destination. Get tips from users that have explored and found hidden gems. Read what other users are saying–it does not allow businesses to pay for positive reviews, all the reviews come from real customers in the Foursquare community.

Best free travel app to Communicate in a Foreign Language:

Google Translate

Free Travel Apps Google Translate

Would you like your own personal translator to easily communicate in a foreign language? Google Translate does it for you. The free app can translate words, phrases, sentences from one language to another. It is easy to use as you can type in or dictate to get a translation in the language of your choice. In the same way, you get the translation in text and voice message. You can even take a photo of a sign or a menu and the app will translate for you. This is quite possibly one of my favorite apps, as it breaks down language barriers; use Google Translate to communicate in a foreign language.

We continue with the best free apps for transportation, alternative options to a taxi.

Best free travel apps for Transportation:


Free Travel Apps Uber

Do you need to find the best way to transfer to/from the airport or to get across town? The free Uber app is one of the easiest ways to find transportation, just tap the App enter your pick up and drop-off address to request your transfer and get quotes. The app will give you options for private cars, and it also allows you to share the ride with others traveling the same direction. A driver will arrive within minutes, you can track the location and get an estimated time of arrival. You can also get a receipt sent to your email.


Free Travel Apps Lift

Would you like more transportation options on the go? Lift’s free app is a popular, friendly and affordable option to find transportation from point A to point B. Do pay attention to the type of transportation choices that it provides you, especially if traveling internationally, to make sure that you chose the option that makes the most sense for you.

A funny–not so funny story, that actually happened to me:

Years ago, while traveling in Vietnam, I used one of these apps (can’t remember which one) to request a short transfer across town. The transfer arrived quickly, but to my surprise, a driver on a motorbike (scooter) showed up to pick me up—Ekk!! Can you imagine? 

The sheer look of confusion on my face. My face nearly dropped to the floor! While scooters are a widely used form of transportation in Vietnam (it seemed the main form of transportation for many). I was not about to get on that scooter to join a sea of scooters in what looked like a perpetual traffic-jam of cars, scooters, and pedestrians crossing the streets. All competing with each other to see who could go the fastest, and hope that I made it out without a scratch or a broken bone. No, thanks! A helmet did not seem enough assurance to take that risk.

So, I requested a new transfer, this time, I specified “car”, to avoid any more surprises. Yup, it was not fun when it happened, but I can laugh about it now. Well, it made for a good travel story.

Finally, we move on to the best free apps to help you decide what to pack and a currency converter with exchange rate

Best free travel apps to help you Pack and Convert Foreign Currency:


Free Travel Apps Pack Point

Ever been worried about what to pack for your vacation? Well, what do you know, there is a free app to help you with that too. Packpoint shows you what to pack based on your destination, length of the trip, weather and the activities you are planning to do. It even helps you pack light by taking into account if you will have access to laundry services allowing you to wear your clothes multiple times. Mix and match, you are sure to pack the essentials with this app.

XE Currency

Free Travel Apps XE Currency

Need to convert currency or calculate conversion using the most up to date exchange rates? XE is an essential free app for those traveling abroad. XE Currency does all the work for you, it calculates converts currency using the latest exchange rates. You can access offline and update it as needed. A lifesaver when trying to figure out what prices quoted in the local currency would translate to your currency.

As a bonus, I would like to share one of my favorite traveling apps, a travel guide, and a resource to plan a trip.

Best Free Travel App to Plan Your Trip:

Lonely Planet Guides 

Free Travel Apps Lonely Planet

What is the easiest way to research a destination and plan a vacation? Use the Lonely Planet Guides and app. Get to the essence of a destination with Lonely Planet’s City guides. It has must-see sights, offline maps, neighborhood guides, currency, and everything you need to know about the destination. To clarify, you do have to purchase the travel guide. Traditionally the guide omes as a printed book, but with the free app, you can access all the information on your mobile devices.

I came across Lonely Planet guides many years ago when I was planning my trip to the Galapagos Islands. It was a three-week in-depth trip exploring the different islands, there was so much to plan. I found the Lonely Planet guides to be a phenomenal way to get a comprehensive overview of the destination. It included everything from climate, history, language, currency, suggestions for accommodation, restaurants, best times to visit and sample itineraries to make the most of my time there.

I hope that you find this free apps Toolkit useful. That it helps you as you plan your trip, and also during your vacation as you set out to explore the destination, worry-free with all the information you need to focus on your experience. Make some great travel memories and check back to see new weekly posts.

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